Growth and Development

March 3rd marked the 5th year anniversary of My Kinda Thing and I’ve gotta tell ya…

It has been 5 years of ups and downs, highs and lows and all kinds of things you’ll probably never know. Let me attempt to explain though.

I wanted to be more than a crocheter. I wanted to be more than an artist. I wanted to be more than an educator. I wanted the things I do to be a genuine contribution to growth and development beyond my own. I would have never learned the things I’ve learned had I decided to be just a crocheter, artist or educator. 5 years later I am much much more because with each milestone, big losses and big gains, I’ve maintained my purpose.

When I began “doing my kinda thing” I had no idea how hard it would be. It seemed a really simple thing to do, you know being who you are and what not. I wanted to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, the way I wanted to do it! Is that crazy? The nerve of me! I didn’t realize how much I’d have to try to explain without words. Two hands, ten fingers, string and a hook became pen and paper, canvas and brush, chalk and blackboard.

I will be attempting to use words to explain doing My Kinda Thing and what I’ve learned doing so. Bare with me as I begin to use the words to further the ideas that have been created through creating crochet dolls and teaching doll making.

“You ought to be excited about your growth and development!

You can’t tell yet but she was smiling because she knew, she knows the intent that went into EVERY DETAIL! From the paint used on her eyes to the placement of her puffs, she was designed WITH LOVE and ON PURPOSE!

Know that the same was done with you, only you had a much more experienced creator!”

Afro Puffs!!!!!

What a journey it has been!!! I started out looking for inspiration to create dolls that resemble all of my favorite girls (my mom, my niece’s, my sisters, my aunties, my cousins, my God daughter, my friends, and my students) and found it was slim pickings in the area of crochet.

This became a huge lesson for me. I learned to create what I want to see! I don’t ever want to wait on someone else to make my vision a reality!

This is only the beginning, and these are just some of my girls! They are a little bit of all the Beautifully Brown women/girls I have the honor of being connected to!







For the Boys!!!!!

I was challenged to create for boys, a hard task for me because I come from a female dominant family. But I think I did alright!
I’ve created these super hero dolls for boys and of course they have that “My Kinda Thing” element!


They are “super cool” if you ask me. I really enjoyed creating them!


All of their capes and masks are removable via buttons because they all have secret identities lol


Absolutely unique and totally “My Kinda Thing”!

Neon Nancy!!!!

I’ve been using lots of neon colors lately. While experimenting with unique color color combinations, I created “Neon Nancy”!


I love the purple touching the neon yellow! I love how bright and exciting the neon yellow is against the calm of the purple, and of course blue always adds an extra dose cool! I think she’s really cute!

©My Kinda Thing


Created by Photo Grid.



Just a cool tip I use when I crochet bows; make a rectangle, take a strand of the same color yarn and tie a couple of times tightly (instead of wrapping) around the middle for a good pinch. Crochet middle and slip stitch middle piece closed. It creates a neater pinch and is also a good alternative to wrapping in the middle.