My Bad Apple Hat

Originally I was going to make a fruit hat and I thought of an apple.  But when I made the hat, it looked really plain. It wasn’t unique enough — it just wasn’t really my kinda thing.  I thought about how I could make it more fun.   … then “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” popped into my mind (I love this book!).

I added the worm, but it still wasn’t enough. I really liked how the hole turned out. I used a pale yellow as the skinless part of the apple, and black for the rotting part that the worm dug though. I was getting closer to the “silly” I was going for … then it hit me.

“What if the apple was upset about the worm eating him?”

So I made a mad apple.  I gave him angry eyebrows and made him look like he was really hungry.  AHA! — my apple was ready to eat the worm.

While it didn’t turn out as malicious and maniacal looking as I envisioned it in my head, it totally met “silly” bar. I absolutely couldn’t be in a bad mood if I saw someone wearing this hat. I cracked up while creating it. With each piece I added I couldn’t stop giggling.  I think my neighbors must have thought I was crazy.

Making this hat was a lot of fun. I live in New York City and ride the subway quite often. If I saw someone in this grumpy crowded city wearing such a unique piece of art I would crack a smile — even in a hot, smelly, crowded subway car.

Enjoy ~Aniqua~

My Bad Apple Hat

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