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Just a cool tip I use when I crochet bows; make a rectangle, take a strand of the same color yarn and tie a couple of times tightly (instead of wrapping) around the middle for a good pinch. Crochet middle and slip stitch middle piece closed. It creates a neater pinch and is also a good alternative to wrapping in the middle.

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      • Not by me❤️ There are a couple of things I’ve done that someone has taken and used to promote their own stuff. Most of my creations are paid Tutorials. I have three published patterns. Two in my Etsy shop and one in the Simply Crochet Magazine. Anything else is a paid tutorial by me but most if the things I create have no pattern.

      • Oh I was just letting you know. That’s how I found your photo was on Pinterest and it was described as a free pattern. I personally hate when others do that

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  2. Yes, the purpose was to provide a tip for making a bow, but someone has used my image to get people to inquire on their work. I’ve not published a pattern for this design. It’s one of two photos of mine being used to mislead people. I don’t have the drive to fight them about it😢

  3. Hello,

    I would like to get this pattern but I can’t find it on your Etsy page. Is it sold elsewhere? Thank you.

    Kind regards
    Chin Lyn

    • Unfortunately the instructions for this bow is only available in one space, a course I teach via a closed Facebook group. It’s one of a few crochet accessories I teach in the My Kinda Thing University. I teach over 30 courses over on Facebook. Basically you can let me know which course or courses you are interested in taking. Once you purchase through the corresponding links, you receive an email of the course outline detailing everything you need to get started and where to go to begin! You will have unlimited access to the courses and me as it relates to the contents of the courses you purchase. This allows you to learn and create at your own leisure. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/mykindathinguniversity/

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