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Just a cool tip I use when I crochet bows; make a rectangle, take a strand of the same color yarn and tie a couple of times tightly (instead of wrapping) around the middle for a good pinch. Crochet middle and slip stitch middle piece closed. It creates a neater pinch and is also a good alternative to wrapping in the middle.

12 thoughts on “©My Kinda Thing

      • Not by me❤️ There are a couple of things I’ve done that someone has taken and used to promote their own stuff. Most of my creations are paid Tutorials. I have three published patterns. Two in my Etsy shop and one in the Simply Crochet Magazine. Anything else is a paid tutorial by me but most if the things I create have no pattern.

      • Oh I was just letting you know. That’s how I found your photo was on Pinterest and it was described as a free pattern. I personally hate when others do that

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  2. Yes, the purpose was to provide a tip for making a bow, but someone has used my image to get people to inquire on their work. I’ve not published a pattern for this design. It’s one of two photos of mine being used to mislead people. I don’t have the drive to fight them about it😢

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