Afro Puffs!!!!!

What a journey it has been!!! I started out looking for inspiration to create dolls that resemble all of my favorite girls (my mom, my niece’s, my sisters, my aunties, my cousins, my God daughter, my friends, and my students) and found it was slim pickings in the area of crochet.

This became a huge lesson for me. I learned to create what I want to see! I don’t ever want to wait on someone else to make my vision a reality!

This is only the beginning, and these are just some of my girls! They are a little bit of all the Beautifully Brown women/girls I have the honor of being connected to!







6 thoughts on “Afro Puffs!!!!!

  1. Rosemary Summers

    I am a designer of jewelry and never like dolls. Your dolls are so darling. I want one and keep the creativity going. You are talented. You have something special. Much success to you!

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