Black __________________ (fill in the blank)

Sometimes it feels like poison, this seemingly restricted existence. Because everything “they’ve” called Black is a bad thing so something in me resists and fights against who I naturally am.

Been made to feel like everything is better, anything is better since I was in the womb. The disappointment in a mother’s face because her little black baby’s face looks too much like her own. Passed through DNA, it’s gonna be a hard life and she knows this and she shows this because she can’t hold it.

This type of scaring is hereditary, she don’t even notice it as she passes it with words like, “you too dark!” “Boy you better stay outta the sun!” and “This nappy head”…

Even the good stuff is made bad when you make it black. The very language we use allows for ordinary things to take a sinister turn when you add black to it; black magic, blackball, blacklist, blackmail, blackface, etc.

It’s like poison upon entry to this place.

Before the world even grabs it’s deceitful hold we have been already trained to agree with every single lie told.

If I believed what “they” say is true I could never be anything of great value.

So I have to put back in me what “they” try to take outta me daily!

I gotta put somethin’ extra in with that too! because the truth is much greater than the fiction!

What “they” don’t say about who I am is an interesting silence, but what “they” won’t say about who I am is riveting!

Do you know, that if you knew, the whole story of the What and the Who of you, what you would/could do? (Read this part again slowly and process this carefully)

It is the antidote to the poison you take in because you’re Black. And all the bleaching, lightening, “relaxing”, dying, and straightening ain’t changing that!

Don’t you dare let slavery be the climax of your history! Treat it like what it was, a horrible interruption in the overall greatness and existence of an AMAZING GROUP OF PEOPLE! Before during and after we have been innovators of the world! Words like strong, inventive, resilient, intelligent ought to be attached to that black thinking to counter those daily doses of poisoning you endure. Use them like medicine, corrosive corrupted thinking’s cure.

I was taught about who I am, by people who had a vested interest in my knowing! Black and potent, undiluted, proud and concentrated because some days it feels like I was born to be hated! Let that poison leave you as I remind you that you are Black and Beautiful!