Aniqua WilkersonMy name is Aniqua J. Wilkerson and I’m so excited that you’re here visiting my crazy, fun, creative and sometimes silly world of crochet!

It brings me great joy to share this wonderful craft with you as I take a unique approach to this amazing art! I don’t use patterns so you’re in for a treat! I just do my thing, making my kinda things in hopes that it may also become your kinda thing! Enjoy!

I learned to crochet when I was 19 years old.  My cousin found some old craft books (Stitch by Stitch) and thought it would be really cool if she learned to crochet.  She shared the books and basics with me and I was “hooked”!  The biggest challenge was learning to hold the hook and yarn.  The next challenge was not having anyone to tell us whether we were doing it right or wrong.  Trial and error became our teacher! At times it was frustrating, not knowing exactly how the finished projects were supposed to look, but I was too determined to quit!  I had the urge to create! through books I learned some useful techniques, but I found the most helpful tricks by doing my own thing, my own way!

I’m a rebel by nature, and it is for that reason you’ll find the majority of my creations will not be seen anywhere else!  I don’t use the color wheel to determine good color choices and I love the idea of doing my own thing! Funny thing is for someone who learned from books alone, I don’t use patterns! I love to dream up ideas and make them a reality.  It is a huge part of my charm!  I think the most useful techniques I’ve learned involves “shaping”. Once you master creating shapes, even your mistakes can be really cool art! Some of my favorite creations are the result of errors. I’ve found that learning is so much easier when you can embrace your mistakes and use them to create your own unique style!

Enjoy! ~Aniqua~


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