Cute little monster hat!

Just so you know, girls can be monsters too! I love the idea of going against the typical “sweet little girl” ideology. While we want to give them kisses and and keep them clean and pretty, I think its also cool to encourage our little girls to be adventurous. Just because they’re girls doesn’t mean their imaginations should stop at princesses and mermaids!image

Not your typical sugar and spice is totally “My Kinda Thing”

My Bad Apple Hat

Originally I was going to make a fruit hat and I thought of an apple.  But when I made the hat, it looked really plain. It wasn’t unique enough — it just wasn’t really my kinda thing.  I thought about how I could make it more fun.   … then “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” popped into my mind (I love this book!).

I added the worm, but it still wasn’t enough. I really liked how the hole turned out. I used a pale yellow as the skinless part of the apple, and black for the rotting part that the worm dug though. I was getting closer to the “silly” I was going for … then it hit me.

“What if the apple was upset about the worm eating him?”

So I made a mad apple.  I gave him angry eyebrows and made him look like he was really hungry.  AHA! — my apple was ready to eat the worm.

While it didn’t turn out as malicious and maniacal looking as I envisioned it in my head, it totally met “silly” bar. I absolutely couldn’t be in a bad mood if I saw someone wearing this hat. I cracked up while creating it. With each piece I added I couldn’t stop giggling.  I think my neighbors must have thought I was crazy.

Making this hat was a lot of fun. I live in New York City and ride the subway quite often. If I saw someone in this grumpy crowded city wearing such a unique piece of art I would crack a smile — even in a hot, smelly, crowded subway car.

Enjoy ~Aniqua~

My Bad Apple Hat

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