Let the work say “Amen”!

If you’re an artist like I am, you’ve probably spent countless hours perfecting your craft. And you’ve done so, not just because you wanna be great but because you thoroughly enjoy the work. There have been moments of pure creativity. This kinda indescribable sensation where inspiration meets execution and you can’t sleep until the work is complete!

Or how about when the idea starts off one way and then over time evolves into a greater one. Faced with the challenge of trying not to “over do” the concept. Wanting to make the point strong but not so much that the message is missed.

On this “work in progress” Wednesday, as I prepare for the African American Cultural Festival in Raleigh North Carolina, I am emboldened to go hard or stay home! I find myself having to give myself a pep talk in my Bronx dialect, “You doin this or nah?!”

With purpose I’ve used specific shades of brown, not to exclude but to emphasize. With thought and pride, I’ve chosen specific colors not just to be different but to bring focus on those things that have been missing. Wanting to set the stage for a new wave of creative thought void of the diluted versions of who we are!

I gotta let the work speak, because if I say too much, “they” might not like my tone giving them just enough reason to ignore the point! I have to let the work get the conversation going so “they’ won’t call me good things like out spoken and aggressive while making them bad words. If you never hear the sound of my voice or understand the tone of my writing, the work has some words for you. The work has some ideas you’ll wanna explore. The work has some thoughts you might have been thinking, but thought no one would listen. You can’t miss it and you can’t say I was too loud cuz I ain’t even say nothing! I let the work do what it do, because too many people are able to tell you what they’re gonna do and NEVER FOLLOW THROUGH! So what does your work say about you?

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